Mold: Standards, Hazard Recognition, Detection Methods, Control and Clean-up – U.S. Department of Labor

Standards This section highlights OSHA standards, Federal Registers (rules, proposed rules, and notices), standard interpretations (official letters of interpretation of the standards), and national consensus standards related to mold. Read more at

Mold and Moisture in Homes – MN Department of Health

Mold is a type of fungus that is present in our natural environment. Mold spores, which are tiny microscopic ‘seeds’, can be found virtually everywhere, including in homes, and are a part of the general dust found in homes. These spores can grow on building materials and furnishings if conditions are correct. Excess moisture is […]

Got a minute? Save hundreds of $$$

Saving energy in your home doesn’t require a major investment of money or even your time.  The tips listed below will cost you little of nothing and could reduce your annual energy bill by 25% or more! Summer Saving Tips Maintain and use your air conditioner wisely Set the thermostat at 78° or higher and […]