Energy Audit

Our Energy Audit includes five comprehensive steps:

  • Home performance assessment
  • Improvement recommendations and solutions
  • Work order choices and priorities
  • Work completed by well-trained crews
  • Final inspection

When we analyze your home we are looking at it as a working system where all parts are interconnected. All the functions of the home have to work together for it to be efficient, comfortable and healthy. If any one part is out of sync it can inherently affect other parts of the home as well.

Energy Conservatory

Some of our analytical tools are purchased from the Energy Conservatory. Visit their website to learn about the diagnostic tools or read articles on energy efficiency.

First things first – we gather information from you, the homeowner, as to what are some of the issues you are seeing with your home. Who knows the day to day workings of your home better than you?

  1. We do a visual inspection of the exterior of the home looking for possible issues or problems pertaining to the structural integrity of the home.
  2. We get an idea of the homes existing insulation value where it’s accessible. Sometimes we need to drill small probe holes to further investigate tough to find areas.
  3. An air leakage test is performed with the blower door unit that tests the building tightness of your home. This test is done in combination with an infrared scan that can help identify many hidden areas that are causing you to lose energy in your home, therefore increasing your energy bills. These valuable tools can help locate missing or poorly installed insulation, large by-passes where air is leaking out the house, heat supply lines located in cold attic or crawl spaces, poorly sealed windows and doors and basements that have leaks in the foundation
  4. We will test all gas appliances to see how safe and efficient they are running and let you know whether they need to be cleaned and tuned or replaced. We check for fuel leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, proper pressure and flow with your duct work or hot water lines as necessary.
  5. Even though a tight home is an efficient home we also want to be sure the indoor air quality of the house is healthy, homes that are too tight without the proper ventilation can be a problem. We verify that all exhaust fans and appropriate ventilating equipment is working and doing the job it’s supposed to.
  6. We will hook up our electric meter to electric appliances and be able to give you a “cost of use” for each appliance that has a 120 volt plug.
  7. Finally our auditors are there for you, ask them all the questions you can think of concerning your home and its energy use. They will be more than happy to answer anything they can.


Contact Weatherization HELP to schedule your energy audit

HELP will invoice you for the cost of the services provided. (Ex: The cost of an energy audit is $400.)


If you prefer to email, please visit the Contact – Our Staff page for email addresses.

Some information to have available when you contact us for an energy audit:

  • Age of your home
  • Annual cost of your gas bill
  • Annual cost of your electric bill