How we can help

Hiring us to perform a whole house energy audit on your home and moving forward with our trained crews to have the work done can add valuable savings down the road. But remember, “knowing” and “doing” are very different from each other – knowing helps you sound smart at the annual family reunion, doing the work makes you look smart to your wallet. More money will be going in to it opposed to out through your roof.

Our 3 pronged team approach:

  1. Energy Analysis is conducted to see where the problems lie in your home. A work order is created with a priority list of the solutions that are of most concern to you and are of the highest return on investment. You choose what you want done on your home. You can choose to do all the recommendations the auditor provides or you can pick and choose what you would like to have done.
  2. Your work order is then given to one of our well trained crews to conduct the work on your home.
  3. Finally a final inspection is done to insure all work was done in accordance with the work order and your expectations.

Our Weatherization team has a combined experience of 40+ years working to make homes more energy efficient, safer to live in and cheaper to own. Our staff has extensive credentials and more importantly the practical knowledge to ensure you’re satisfied with our services.

 Effects of Air Leaks

Household Air Leakage pic

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