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Does your home have Cold Weather Problems? If you are experiencing any of the issues below with your home, a Home Energy Audit can help you isolate problems and identify solutions:

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Is your home always cold?

Air leaks in your home, as well as inadequate insulation, dramatically increase your energy bills, and make it difficult to keep the house warm.

Ice Dams

When warm air leaks into your attic snow can melt, refreeze, and form ice that can damage your roof, causing interior water leaks.

Stale Indoor Air

Stagnant air contributes to negative health effects, including allergies and asthma. Sometimes homes can be too tight and not enough ventilation is happening in the home, we can help make recommendations to solve poor indoor air problems.

Wasteful Furnace & Water Heater

These can be replaced with much safer, quieter, and more efficient systems, including renewable energy options.

Old and Costly Lighting & Appliances

We will determine which appliances and lighting are most cost effective to replace.

Water & Humidity Problems

Water leaks and high humidity can cause mold growth and window condensation.

Health & Safety

We can test for carbon monoxide and fuel leaks in your home and identify safety issues that can be harming you and your family.

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