Solar Air Heat

Solar Powered Furnaces, the most efficient and economical high performance solar air heating panels in the country, are typically mounted vertically on southern walls, where solar exporsure is greatest.  This maximizes heating season performance, minimizes costs, and maintains the building’s aesthetics.

Solar energy striking the collector(s) passes through the high-transmittance solar glazing and heats the highly efficient absorber plate.

When there is heat available in the collector(s) and the building requires heat, simple controls automatically activate the fan.

The fan moves air through the collector(s), where it is heated, and then redistributed to the building using conventional, off-the-shelf, HVAC ducting and air handling equipment.

Check valves prevent reverse thermo-siphoning and uncalled-for heat, so you get clean, free, solar heat only when you want.

SPFs offset heating-fuel usage saving clients many thousands of dollars and eliminating toxic emissions!

Solar Air Heat Basics Brochure

Semcac HELP is an authorized dealer through Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL) and installer of the Solar Powered Furnaces.  Please Contact Us for more information for installation in your home.

View the news story from a Solar Powered Furnace installation done in Northern Minnesota April 2013.